Verkeersveiligheid in de USSR

Oude graphics lijken soms effectiever dan moderne versies. Of komt de extra aandacht die ze opeisen voor de boodschap omdat de vorm en techniek zo afwijken van het hedendaagse?

He is showing off in vain:
It’s the way to die in pain.

Don’t use vodka as a fuel
Or you’ll crash your engine cruel.

All careless people
Soon will be cripples.

Driver, slow down.
Let the people walk around.

Always keep the safely distance.
Or drive into the truck, for instance

If there isn’t traffic jam
Let the people leave the tram.

Obey rules right away
While you’re driving on the way.

Rushing on the road, guy,
You can make some people die.

Car insurance!
For those who need assurance.

Push your brakes, don’t go fast
While the kids have not passed

Driver, please don’t mess around
Riding on ice-covered ground.